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All-Tube-Guitar Amps

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PA-Systems for Gigs and Stage-Events

For PA-Systems we follow a different design strategy to achieve high output power levels from 150W to 500W per channel with excellent sound performance. Opposed to guitar amps, where tube-amps are the unrivaled requirement of guitarists to create the unique warm and sometimes screamy Tubesound, PA-systems must reproduce the sound unchanged and ideally without any distortion.

Since All-Tube-Amps with high power levels are very bulky,heavy and costly, we design our PA-Systems in solid-state technology which is an advantage in output power per volume unit and production cost. Solid-State-Amps can deliver quite impressive performance data, when the right circuit design is chosen and applied. Most manufacturers of solid-state-amps use high negative feedback to keep harmonic distortion low which results in a cold, harsh sound. In our design, we use low negative signal feedback to achieve open, warm and threedimensional sound. Through the use of oversized heatsinks and temperature-controlled blower fans we can guarantee full contineous output power up to 40C environment temperature conditions. The incorporated protections mechanisms shut down the output circuit and make our PA-Systems extremely reliable.


BPA200 Professional Power Amplifier

The BPA200 2-channel professional power amplifier perfectly matches the requirements for studio and gig performances.

The BPA200 is a high-performance audio amplifier capable of delivering 200 Watt per channel of continous average power into a 8 Ohm load with less than 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The performance of the BPA200, using special amp circuitry with internal temperature protection mechanisms, puts it into a class above other discrete and hybrid amplifiers by providing an inherently, dynamically protected Safe Operation Area ( SOA ). This protection means that the parts are completely safeguarded at the output against overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, including shorts to the supplies, thermal runaway and instantenous temperature peaks.

To guarantee a contineous full power operation of the BPA200, it has temperature controlled blower fans which come in action to prevent overheating should the temperature of the heatsink rise towards the critical value.

The BPA200 maintains an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 95dB with a typical low noise floor of 2V. It exhibits extremely THD+N values of 0.06% at the rated output into the rated load over the audio spectrum and provides excellent linearity with an IMD ( SMPTE ) typical rating of 0.004%.

BPA200 Specifications


Output Power Rating

200 Watts/channel @ 8 Ohms


250 Watts/channel @ 4 Ohms

Total harmonic distortion ( THD+N )

0.06% ( 20 Hz to 20 kHz )

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

> 95 dB

Full Power Bandwidth

20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.25dB

CMMR ( Comon Mode Rejection Ratio )

75 dB @ 1kHz

Input impedance

47 kOhms unbalanced


26 dB

Input sensivity range

520 mV to 2.5v ( @ 8Ohms )


450 mV to 1.5V ( @ 4 Ohms )

Damping Factor

400 ( up to 1kHz )


200 ( up to 10 kHz )


 20 ( up to 100 kHz )

Power Consumption

100 W / 0.5A @ 230VAC ( idle power )


350 W / 1.5A @ 230VAC ( 1/8 power )


600 W / 2.5A @ 230VAC ( full power )


Power LED, HighTemp LED

Output Power Monitoring

Power Level / Clipping LED Bar Graph


Volume each channel


Power Switch

Speaker connectors

Speakon NL4MP

Signal Input connectors

Combo XLR/6.35 Jack  NCJ6FI-V

Dimensions in millimeters

442 W x 104 H x 254 D (19 2.5 Rack )


10 kg