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All-Tube-Guitar Amps

Finest Amp Design for Blues and Rock Guitarists

Amp Technology

Technology for Guitar Amplifiers

We feel comitted to the Tradition of the classic tubes amp technology which was almost estinguished with the advent of the transistor.

Through combining old tube technology with modern Engineering design tools we have created a new bunch of All-Tube-Amps for Rock and Blues guitarists with outstanding features and sound performance. All our amps have gone through intense computer simulation and analysis.

By applying signal theory and spectrum analysis tools in the amp design process, our engineers understand well the mechnanims and secrets of music signal processing in Tubeamps, which results in superior sounding guitar amps.


Our guitar amps are designed and built with high quality components to achieve the same high level of performance and quality on each amp that leaves our production. All amps are tested with a computer based test program to ensure the specified data.

After designing for optimum sound performance we had a special focus on thermal design and EMC ( electro magnetic compatibility ) to make sure that our amps are very reliable and immune to disturbancies from other electronic equipment.

In contrast to many combo amp producers, which have the tubes hanging below the chassis, our tubes are above the chassis to prevent heating up the components inside the chassis and the tubes themselves, which is a major advantage for thermal equilibrum.

The amps are designed by our Tubeampmaster design team, which combines professional engineering with music technology to achieve best results. Our engineers have long experience in circuit design from many electronic areas, EMC, mechanical and thermal design, audio equipment design and many of our engineers are good guitarists too.

We would like to clear up the myth from many self-proclaimed amp-gurus who declare the “handwired guitar amps are the best”. This is a statement that holds no technical proof. All electronic circuits are based on the fundamental equations of Maxwells laws and all signals are propagated through media with an intrinsic impedance. The performance of any electronic circuit and signal integrity are strongly linked to the impedance of the signal path and the EM-environment.

Printed Circuit Boards ( PCB ) are a very effective method to implement signal paths with intrinsic impedance, and that is why we use printed circuit boards for the design of all our amps, and the use of PCB’s gives us control over the impedance of the circuit. Thus we can guarantee an equal performance of all our amps, no matter from which production lot they originate.